Tierpark Hellabrunn

Munich - Bavaria

Timelapse A380


Airbus A380 at Munich Airport. See what's happened during 1h in 1m 4sec on the ground:



Sankt Wolfgang - Austria

Scalaria Air Challenge 2015

Sankt Wolfgang - Austria

Wildpark Poing 01

Poing- Bavaria

Canon M3 disaster

Here some words about the new Canon M3...- The machined parts of the case are really well, had convinced me inside the store- By default is there no optical viewfinder, which is optional and will cost you money. This have to be stuck unfortunately in the hot shoe ... In my opinion, a very bad idea, because where to put a system flash in a dark situation.- Without the viewfinder all the time you have to use the display, what will drain the battery faster- If you use the Adapter Ring for the EF-S lenses, the camera wants constantly focusing (the lens will pump), in this case it could happe…